Rules and Conduct


  1. Do not suggest songs in chat - use the !setup command for instructions on making suggestions.
  2. The song suggestion system allows one suggestion on the list at a time per-person. Using alternate accounts to circumvent this is not allowed.
  3. Negative comments about songs or other stream content are not allowed, including remarks such as "the original was better."
  4. Do not ask for your suggestion to be played. Suggestions are picked without any order, and it is not possible to ask for nor pay for priority.
  5. Do not mention the viewer count, or relative changes to it.
  6. Do not spoil incoming or outgoing stream raids.
  7. Do not beg for gift subs, or ask others to tip/gift.
  8. Listen to the channel mods.


  • Suggestions are required to be family-friendly. If you are unsure if your suggestion meets this rule, choose something else.
  • You are responsible for pre-screening any suggestions you submit to the stream. Suggestions which are discovered to contain material that could violate the Terms of Service of the platforms the stream is hosted on, or other objectionable or rule-breaking content can result in a permanent ban even should you have been unaware of its presence.
  • Leaks of unreleased music are not allowed. Suggestions must have an official release or pre-release to be played.
  • Music owned by major record labels is usually not safe for the stream. Video descriptions will usually have license information to help identify this.
    • Remixes which utilize any audio from music owned by a major record label will still be rejected, even if it is not the primary song in the mix.
    • Covers of music owned by major record labels, such as those by Youtube cover artists, are usually safe for the stream unless they include samples of the original audio or their cover is itself owned by a major record label.
  • AI-generated music or covers will not be accepted, with the possible exception of those which are licensed for the use of material or people that are being impersonated.

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