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About me

Welcome everyone! My name is Jerod aka The8BitDrummer.

I am an energetic, loud, and joy loving dude that has been playing drums for over a decade now!

I started streaming for 4 reasons:

First, I have always wanted to influence people in a positive way. That is why I am so thankful for the success that I have had with this stream! I love the fact that I can share my time with others, meet new people and put a smile on their face, all while getting more proficient with my favorite instrument.

Second, I want to show and spread love to as many people as I can. I am a Christian and I want people to know what love truly is. My goal is for everyone that comes into the stream to leave in a better place than before due to interacting with me. Jesus rocks and He is where my love comes from!

Third… and I am sure you could guess this one… I LOVE DRUMMING! It is my favorite hobby and I am so happy that I have the chance to play for others! I want to learn new genres of music and to become much more versatile in the styles that I can play. Also, I love playing your suggestions. It is so much fun getting to experience a piece of music for the first time while playing along with it!

Fourth and finally, I wanted to create a positive environment where people can come together and just have a great time hanging out with each other! We are all different and unique and I want the stream to be a place where you can just be yourself and enjoy some good vibes. My hope is that the stream is an inspiration to anyone that watches and helps push them forward in doing what they enjoy!

Thanks so much for stopping by and chilling with me in my little corner of the internet! Have an awesome day!

Recent Highlights

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